Wednesday, April 9, 2014Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center, Des Moines

Welcome to i2iowa, Iowa's premier networking event for investors and entrepreneurs raising money.


"The core goal for TAI is to make sure that companies using technology are in the technology sector. Large and small are able to both share and collaborate with each other but also beyond their own company waters. This kind of an event has already brought large and small companies together to collaborate and share."

Tej Dhawan - StartupCity Des Moines

"i2iowa is the once place in Iowa that you can go to talk with an entire room full of investors that are actually looking to place capital. Up until i2iowa there wasn't really anything in Iowa. You had to travel all over just to get to those communities and those events. I think what investors can expect is a very high quality group of individuals that are ready to take funding and are at that point."

John Jackovin - Co-Founder, Bawte

"Des Moines and Central Iowa and the Midwest as a whole are finally starting to become a hot bed for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. This is a great opportunity for us to focus in on what is going on in the state of Iowa and meet some investors in the Midwest. Reconnect with individuals that may have seen our product in earlier reiterations."

Justin Schoen - BettrLife

"i2iowa was the single most important event we attended last year. Some very important networking took place during the conference. We were given the opportunity to present to a forum of reputable investors and venture capitalists which resulted in several private follow up meetings. We were also introduced to a very experienced and successful entrepreneur who we began consulting with and later brought on board to be our CEO. The connections we made at the conference really helped us accelerate our business."

Thomas Hornbeck & Hung Tran - Co-Founders, Tutor Universe, Inc.

Note: This event represents an opportunity to learn about new and upcoming business and business ventures. This is not a general solicitation nor will there be an opportunity to offer or sell securities at this event.